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"Perspectives rolling over perspectives…clearly organized progressive flow of information and ideas…variety in presentation format…entertaining and actionable!"
— Senior Executive, Healthcare Industry

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS about PJ's presentations & contributions

Q: Do you want an experienced professional who will add context, focus, and flow to your program while catalyzing participants to embrace Box-Free Forward Thinking and combine innovation with action?

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"Many thanks for an outstanding presentation. You had all the delegates thinking furiously. A huge amount covered, full of ideas and inspiration…and on time, too!"
— VP, Financial Services Corporation

Q: What are PJ's KEY Contribution, Content & Speaking THEMES?

A: With more than 8000 hours in front of audiences, PJ is an experienced professional communicator who knows how to combine provocative thoughts, humorous perspectives, and motivational triggers as she shares her relevant expertise as Achievement Strategist, Communication Influencer, Author, Problem Solver, and Media Commentator on your Key Theme, which may include:

  • On-Point Strategic Communication
    PJ's new book & Featured Contributions: What's Your Point?
  • Forward Thinking
  • Self-Leadership, Effective Communication & Change Management
  • Cross Generation Collaboration: Twists & Short Cuts
  • Age-Free Innovation in MultiGeneration Environments
  • Sustainable Communities, Workplaces & Lifestyles: Mastering Decisions, Dynamics & Technology

For more detail on how PJ can blend this forward-thinking content with your event theme and audience interests, contact PJ

PJ's Featured Contributions are generally 20 to 75 minutes in length, but can be designed to fit into your programming needs—from 20 minutes to a half day. Featured Presentations and interactive workshops are usually one to five hours long, but PJ has sufficient relevant material to enable her to expand her contribution to meet your specific learning objectives. PJ is also an experienced moderator and facilitator of panel discussions and special events.

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Q: Will PJ design her Featured Presentation and/or Content to fit into our conference theme and ideal programming time slot?

A: YES. That's where PJ's television and broadcast experience make the difference for your event. PJ automatically considers the event as a whole in planning her contributions and evaluates every element of the "show" from the audience's perspective. Usually PJ's speeches are 20 to 75 minutes, but PJ will adapt her Featured Presentation to meet your goals and to be an exact fit in the time available whether that is less than 30 minutes or two days. Just tell her exactly how much time she has and PJ will design the presentation accordingly. PJ arrives early and aims to start and finish on time. She stays, when possible, until attendees run out of "quick questions" to ask.

  • Select PJ as "The Catalyst" to begin your conference with a relevant, provocative opening that starts attendees thinking, or invite PJ to close your meeting with a summarizing call-to-action that catalyzes attendees to continue what was started during your event.

  • As a featured contributor, PJ can play many roles. She can bring the swirl of new ideas into perspective with an up-beat, change-of-pacer at a luncheon or sponsor event, or challenge conventional wisdom in a theme statement that sets the stage for events ranging from an on-point AGM, or a game-changing conference to a rousing panel discussion.

    Let us know how to make your life easier.

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Q: Does PJ apply her high professional speaking standards to video conferencing, web conferencing, zoom, and other virtual events?

A: Definitely YES. An experienced television and radio producer and on-air talent, PJ brings this communication savvy to your virtual environment. In all formats, PJ will support your green, ROI, and other relevant initiatives.

Note: Privacy Policy—PJ Wade & The Catalyst hold client names, information, and projects in strict confidence.

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Q: Will multiple bookings—from panel discussions to workshops—reduce the speaking or contribution fee?

A: YES. When PJ is your choice, consider expanding her programming contribution to maximize your speaker budget. Second and third presentations are booked at special discounted rates, reducing your travel expenses in the process. In addition to presenting a Featured Contribution, select PJ to:

  • Moderate panel discussions
  • Facilitate strategic sessions
  • MC any segment of the program
  • Conduct a workshop on a topic that expands on or parallels the Keynote topic
  • Create a tailored appreciation, personal development, or education program to enhance sponsor or client attendee response.

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Q: Will PJ use our terminology and definitions in the Featured Speech and/or Content?

A: Absolutely YES if you assist her in clarifying appropriate phrasing and establishing preferred terminology for your audience. This level of customization fosters clear powerful language, removes distractions, and ensures new ideas will easily be assimilated. Appropriately-familiar language also reinforces retention and facilitates attendee transfer of contributed content into everyday action. In preparing for your event, PJ will discuss "Language of Learning" essentials with you.

Note: Should any digital or print content be required, your spelling variations and content standards will be used.

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Q: Can PJ adjust the length of her presentation at the last minute?

A: With a proven talent for improvising, PJ can shorten her presentation to bring your conference or event back on schedule or help you to adapt to a sudden crisis, including a shift to virtual format. PJ can also expand her presentation to fill a programming gap, or present in an additional time slot on the same or another topic if a scheduling problem or an emergency arises.

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Q: Does PJ work with Speakers' Bureaus?

A: Yes, PJ welcomes the opportunity to work with Bureau professionals and will agree to appropriate commissions and procedures. When a client prefers to work through a certain Bureau, that organization is contacted as soon as possible to facilitate the client's booking.

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Q: What would PJ appreciate receiving from us to ensure her presentation is right on the mark?

PJ's Suggestions for Success

To ensure PJ's presentation effectively targets your audience, provides thought-provoking ideas, and achieves your goals, we request the following:

  1. Share your objectives and objections with PJ well in advance of the event.
    This will ensure that PJ's speech addresses issues important to your planning committee and sponsoring organization. Your input will also guarantee that the presentation title accurately reflects your theme and intentions. An "insider point of view" is essential to engage the audience, to create practical, relevant suggestions, and to introduce Box-Free Forward Thinking in the context that your audience considers on point.

  2. Strengthen PJ's "insider" viewpoint by allowing interviews of a few attendees and/or key executives.
    Brief phone or email interviews will provide valuable insight. This is another area where PJ's television and broadcast experience prove valuable.

  3. To support the tailoring of PJ's comments and content to your audience, please furnish relevant background material.
    At all times, PJ will respect your privacy.

  4. Brief PJ prior to the event regarding any significant changes.
    If there has been a relevant last-minute event, breaking news story, economic shift, corporate issue, or other change that affects audience interest or your goals, PJ will make every effort to adapt her presentation as much as time allows.

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Q: How should PJ be introduced?

A: An introduction should not be a "canned" statement anymore than the presentation will be. PJ will prepare a timely introduction appropriate in length and perspective for your event theme and audience by the mutually-agreed upon deadline.
In the meantime, visit Introducing PJ Wade

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Q: Can we arrange volume discounts and special features for copies of PJ's latest business book What's Your Point?

A: Talk to PJ about arranging volume discounts for her latest business book What's Your Point?: Cut The Crap, Hit The Mark & Stick!. Copies can be customized to celebrate your event or to include Your Special Message to attendees or a broader audience.

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Q: Which of The Catalyst value-added services might be contributed to the promotion and success of our event?

A: The Catalyst will provide the following On-Point Strategic Communication and Value Enhancement Services, where appropriate and when established in advance for a mutually-agreeable fee:

  1. Publicity and Media Relations.
    With your permission, an announcement for your event will be posted on this website. If appropriate, a related media release or podcast mentioning your event will be posted on TheCatalyst.com and can be broadcast by your organization, through your channels. PJ will make herself available for media interviews before and after the event. During these interviews, PJ will support the interests of the sponsoring organization and promote attendance at the event if that is appropriate.
           As The Catalyst, PJ offers On-Point Strategic Communication Services which may be delivered in collaboration with your in-house communication team(s) or your public relations/advertising agency.

  2. Social Media.
    Arrangements may be made for PJ to contribute to your social media, either as a guest blogger, interviewee, or a commentor.

  3. Relevant Collateral Content.
    Event participants will have special access to relevant summary content and articles. Selected content may be posted on your site or social media, or reprinted in your newsletter, with permission and accreditation. Additional content, in digital, audio, video, or print format, can be commissioned for creation, development and/or production by PJ Wade for use during the event and/or to facilitate post-event implementation of presented concepts.

  4. Professional feedback.
    If you wish professional feedback on the session or event, PJ will share her observations and impressions in a debriefing telephone conversation. Otherwise, this information will remain confidential and undisclosed.

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Q: How could the long-term impact of PJ's Featured Presentation be increased?

A: With permission and pre-arranged terms, PJ will provide post-event outreach to attendees to increase the long-term impact of your event. Discuss your interest in event longevity with PJ while booking your event and PJ's contribution.

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If you don't find your answer in our FAQs or elsewhere on the site, please contact us.

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