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NEW Trend-Setting Book for Advisors, Entrepreneurs, Executives, Business Owners, Managers & Other Forward Thinking Professionals


Cut The Crap, Hit The Mark & Stick!

How To Conquer The Top 7 Self-Defeating Communication Mistakes and Gain a Wealth of Opportunity—Online and Off!

   Print Book Publication: 2022

Make Your Point—consciously and consistently, online and off—and you’ll ignite your business and cement your brand!

  • Achieve on-point communication, decisive decision making and more…
  • Learn Self-Leadership—the important first step before Leadership
  • Master innovative thinking on-demand—inside and outside the box
  • Engage on-target with prospects, clients, and those who matter to you
  • Purge unconscious limiting habits, bias, stereotypes…and –isms like ageism
  • Explore Your Future Point—Start-up, Succession, Unretirement…what’s next?
Enjoy our FREE PREVIEW as your introduction to “WHAT’S YOUR POINT?”


“What’s Your Point?—the pivotal 21st-Century business question—must be answered before you open your mouth, hit a key, or tap anything. Too often ’Your Point’ is not clear to you and communication remains an expensive illusion.” — PJ Wade

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