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4 Signs of Invisible PROCRASTINATION

Are you sure you’re modernizing and making-over your thinking and decision making at the same rate that your technology is continuously up-dated?

We are obsessed with “up dates” in everything from smartphones to our homes. “Make-overs” are standard requirements for every aspect of our lives. All this up-dating, and yet too many people persist with out-of-date thinking.

Procrastination—the easiest, difficult thing you can do—can be the culprit when thinking approaches are out of date: Continue reading

Leverage Your Expertise

images_234  The pivotal 21st Century business question “WHAT’S YOUR POINT?” must be answered BEFORE you open your mouth, hit a key, or tap anything. Too often ‘Your Point’ is not clear to you and communication remains an expensive illusion. In this blog, I’ll share insights as a Futurist and Strategist to reveal how Business Leaders and Professionals with proven business experience can leverage their professional knowledge, problem-solving skills, and hard-earned expertise to consistently expedite effective, persuasive communication—online and off.

How do you describe your expertise to target prospects?

  1. Choose general terms to describe your expertise and you disappear into the crowd of “similar & not outstanding.”
  2. Choose TARGET-CENTRIC BENEFITS to describe your expertise and you POP OUT of the crowd as a unique opportunity for target prospects intent on having their UNIQUE PROBLEMS SOLVED.


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