“Big Data” & Other Communication Illusions

Big Data has become big news and although this term keeps popping into conversations and content, do we really understand what others mean by the term? Do we understand what we mean by “Big Data” when we use this term? This explosion of references is a good example of how professionals can be valuable as communication watchdogs for their clients.

As new concepts and trends pop into our language, the illusion of communication increases. The problem is that words that are tweeted, texted, said, heard, written, seen…a lot of times a day are not better understood because they are repeated so many times. What examples of new concepts, technology, or trends crop up in your industry to add confusion for clients?

Or, do they completely understand the new vocab and leave you in the dust?

Keeping up with new terminology is not merely finding ways to drop these terms into conversation. For business leaders and professionals, there’s work to be done clarifying the “so what?” behind emerging buzz words to discover opportunity or pitfalls for clients and for your business. This involves opportunities to ensure communication with those who matter is more than an illusion.

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