3 Missed Opportunities

When listening to business leaders and entrepreneurs explain their business, their exciting new start-up, their amazing new breakthrough, their brilliant marketing strategy, their passion…in every medium, the question that most frequently comes to mind is: “What point do you need to make and to whom?” Too often neither “their point” nor “their target” is clear.

Failure to make YOUR POINT results in at least 3 MISSED OPPORTUNITIES:

  1. You lose that valuable “first impression” opportunity by failing to impress others with your expertise and your idea…The Crap hides your point.
  2. You fail to attract the attention of Your Target, the very people or organizations that must get your point…You miss The Mark.
  3. You waste an important opportunity to stand out from the competition in the minds of those who matter to you…You are not relevant or memorable, so you don’t stick.
  4. You don’t get a fourth opportunity, so stop kidding yourself! These days you’re luck to get one chance to make your point with your preferred target.

These 3 missed opportunities happen so often that I was asked to write a business book to help business leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals master the pivotal 21st-Century question: What’s Your Point?

My new book What’s Your Point? Cut The Crap, Hit The Mark & Stick! reveals why it can be so hard for even the most experienced people to answer this crucial question, and how business leaders and entrepreneurs can and should always be ready to make their point, online and off.

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